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About me

Hi all, My name is Lana and i decided to build a website where friends, family and strangers can see the world through my eyes! I'm currently living in Parys and because i'm a Joburg Girl i really miss my friends. So basically this website is for all who have made my life worth living and for all who is going to come into my life.

Whats Happening?

Ok, Parys is a bit quiet so whenever there is an event i'll post it on the website. You on the otherhand can post whats happening in your area.

22 July 2006 - ok it's not exciting but here are the highlights for this weekend:

  • Heinies Pub - Brandy & Coke Special R10.00 for a double
  • Encore Theatre Restuarant - Lang-arm Dans Orkes
  • Mc Cools - Big Screen Rugby
  • Outlaws Saloon - Richelieu Promotion, Darts & Pool Competition

Guestbook and comments

Please sign my guestbook and add comments about the website. I will answer all questions about my site....

Interesting Sites

I've recently discovered this amazing website where you can play free online games. Try it out ,especially the bowling games, and tell me what you think.

Photos Welcome

If you wanna send me any photos please feel free to e-mail me.